Ryleth B)

I don’t have anything nice draw things for him to use for a theme

I keep wondering why Julida has been getting more attention lately

but then I remembered she is the highlight of the theme rn

cokosfunhouse sent:
Swiggity swadrant, choose three trolls to tell us what they look for in the pale quadrant.

well a lot of mine have pales

But lets Say Anaita, Istara, and Pertel, two of them need pale quads really bad.

Anaita would prefer a female in her pale actually, red is the only quad she has a strong male pref in, but black and pale she likes ladies. She needs a moirail of a similar caste to her. Anaita gets really dependent on people in her life, like she is with her mate. (If she doesn’t have a rail when her mate dies (if she out lives saasha that is)) she’ll probs just end up giving up). Probably someone w/ similar interests, but also someone to work her down w/ her unhealthy obsession with perfection and feeling she can never be flawed since anaita is deep down pretty insecure and easily jealous, not that she’d admit it.

Istara she has no real preferences in a moirail, but someone who can quell her temper, since she is overly aggressive and enough of a loud mouth that it will backfire on her someday and she’ll piss off the wrong troll (and already has a few times). She needs someone who’d be just as active as her. She would not like a jade or a indigo in her pale tho.

Pertel he’s another one that’ll need one. It’d mostly be a cute friendly one. He doesn’t ‘emotionally’ need it rn and he’d be more one to be the one doing all the comforting.

Which he loves making people happy or trying to. He will need one to kinda comfort him and be there when his health does take a turn for the worse

wanting to say things about lala BUT NOT BEING ABLE TOO KILLS ME

cokosfunhouse sent:
Which of your trolls would be the most appreciative of magic tricks?



Odiane would be amused and enjoy them as well but after the enjoyment fades she’d probs giggle and be like I know how you did it then get really deadpan and explain how the trick worked

but if you could stump her she’d love it

cokosfunhouse sent:
Bip bop boop, who is the best with a hula hoop?

Hmmm„, that’s a hard one

Tilkan would be hella great with one and would have a ball playing w/ it since she doesn’t cur and just a chill person, then girl has some hella hips for one.

(Plus she could always cheat w/ telekensis)

Then Lalage is probs hella with one but not as much as tilkan.

snarkytrolls sent:
Give me like 5 cool facts about Istara

Istara loves map making, which it is her personal goal to map out the desert she lives in, and finding all of the hidden tombs in it, since especially with the sands covering and uncovering all sorts of ruins. She is pretty rich from most of her finds but a lot of it is kept as hive decorations, or traded off for supplies.

Ooc fact if she was an actual yellow blood I probs would of given her geomancy, because hot damn a cool ability but ye. She would love to actually be a yellow blood then a jade blood (though hunting though day is pretty handy for her)

The only people who know her actual blood color is Dom/The twins/Felavi, and one other troll. She still keeps it pretty heavily under wraps, like she does have some scars (Ie the ones across her chest andburns up her left arm) that she keeps bandaged u;p

She loves baklava and other sweets and has a habit of eating enough to make her tum hurt, but so worth it (She won’t admit this and don’t let her into all the sweets)

She picked yellow blood as her guise because of her first crush she meet out in the desert, (which was more just seeing them from afar and being inspired and liking them) but never saw them again (and assumed they had died)

Anonymous sent:
Stheno, do you or did you have any quads/crushes? Any tatoos, scars? If yes, why , what and where? How was your wigglerhood? And lusus?

Well I hav.e my moirails, what adorable boys, ev.en if they hav.e a habit of getting themselv.es in trou.ble bu.t it does giv.e me something to do. Plu.s what adorable little dev.ils they are.

There is miss Naiten, who I do admittedly hav.e some feelings for, a shame I hav.en’t been able to talk to her for awhile now.

There are a few other trolls who I consider qu.ite lov.ely as well, su.ch as a charming jade, and that old ‘olive’ blooded friend of mine.

Oh tattoo’s don’t get me started, I hav.e been meaning to get that snake done, but I have yet to find an artist to complete it, the rest are mostly symbols and marks.

The ones on my arms and waist. uv.u.

Scars, I hav.e a few here and there, most hav.e faded ou.t, from the old days where my temper was, well mu.ch worse then it was now. I was an angry you.ng girl and felt I needed to prov.e myself, and by prov.ing myself it was prov.ing other trolls arou.nd my caste into mu.sh, becau.se I wanted to prov.e I was stronger.

Bu.t then I got into aromatherapy, and other hobbies which helped my temper, and then my cu.rrent job was mostly to test my self control and it tu.rned ou.t to be something I enjoy a lot, and made some wonderfu.l friends throu.gh.

My lu.su.s is gorgon mom, I lov.e her dearly ev.en if she’s a handfu.l and a menace to all deliv.ery trolls.

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idrawboobs sent:
teach me all of Juldia's deepest darkest secrets

Hmm, well some Julida things

She used to be afraid of being like her ancestor who was a violent woman, but now the thought of this doesn’t worry her much anymore, she having grown null about most things.

Julida used to be pretty scared of birds, but she feels she’s grown past it.

Girl used to be a pacifist, (in the sense that she wouldn’t hurt someone unless it was necessary ie like for self defense) and well, she’s kinda slowly gone morally grey or started making excuses to start breaking her own moral code like killing someone and finding a way to tell herself it was necessary, but even know she’s doing even that less and less

Like she’ll kill someone in cold blood and not even shrug

She’s a cannibal, long before she was a rainbow drinker, at first it was more if she found a dead troll it was ‘waste not want not’ and wasn’t her primary diet but she’s grown to the point it’s her preference.

She’s also fed people troll w/o telling them (one found out and was p dang scared of them ahaha)

then she secretly likes polka music uvu

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snarkytrolls sent:
How did Julida become a rainbow drinker?

It actually happened in a thread awhile back. The short story was she was kidnapped and murdered by a seadweller.

She was kidnapped by a seadweller named Malnit, and had been tortured and starved a fair bit, until her spirit and her pride (Which she is/was very prideful and vain) was slowly broken down. Mal eventually got bored of playing w/ her and slit her throat and dumped her body.

She had actually been so broken she accepted her fate and had found some solace in the idea of at least being free of that.

Then she didn’t really want to come back afterwards, but she rolled w/ it and now is just very bitter, but she does think dying did kind of free her in a way.

Since she feels much less restrained and held back as a rainbowdrinker then she ever felt when she was alive

For the purpose of character-building, feel free to send an ask regarding anything you would like to know about my character~

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pssst, what is doofus...i mean, kyrah's lusus?



I thought I added that in???

It’s a siren/mermaid thing

especially since the two seem to be p interchangeable to most people in lore and w/e

;; must of accidentally deleted in the profile lol

but it’s not really a ‘beautiful’ creature more like the ugly/hideous mermaid/siren things, that more just sounds beautiful

Since I’ve seen them before in some media I just can’t remember examples for a picture ref of what his lusus would be like

best I can think is the mermaid from hairy potter?

since it looked nice enough from afar?? but then Ye




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Posts this sketch of a troll I ended up doodling last night


Finished coloring this mess

and happy w/ it NNNN