idk if you replied to my silly troll, vidari. I would plot a thing maybe but im not feeling so well atm

Aha„, sorry I rlly couldn’t continue that

Ok„, I’m p sure I don’t owe any rp’s for like once

But does anyone wanna start a thing or plot a thing„,




==> Glance over your shoulder to see what they were saying, you all still in route to the pizza place.

< Oh, travelin, would explain how you two get here. Aha, I travel a bit, but haven’t gotten to far, have found some abandoned ruins an’ other cool shit…

Moon: Oh yeah, I like shooters! Lovin’ the ones with daywalkers and the like.

Star: I’m n☆t the best… but I can actually sh☆☆ t guns, if that’s ☆f any relevance…

>Twins: Notice you’re all getting close.

Both: What type ☆f pizza d☆ y☆u like…?

< Yeah those, I love playing them, ahaha, pretty good at them actually.

< Pfft, that’s cool too dude.

< I ain’t to picky, but peperoni w/ bacon is p hella.

< How bout yours?

==> Nice to see the long sandy landscape was behind you all, the city in sight.



< Suppose so.

< Well she’s more of a dummy then anythin else, big birdbrain ahaha.

==> Continue along side him making conversation a bit easier.

< Why what’s yours???

am childe of a goofy waterbeam

big skink!!

likes to eat birdmeat when  i brings home!!

> Grin and flick your tongue out again.

< OOoh cool. Pfft, bird meat? Gotta be carefully w/ my lusus now, jus kiddin’. She’s big and strong nough to take care of herself.

==> Stick your tongue out at him, in a friendly manner at least


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these are all perfect

(( hello friend //paps ))

Heyhey friend how are you =w=

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n o

Bite me shortstack

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I think a lot about trying to bring back my one subjug troll.

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holy frijoles, taco bell.
700 of you party poppers following the less-than-impressive shenanigans of my loser troupe. that is something to celebrate! 

so we’ll do something easy and fun. ~*~* A GIVEAWAY*~*~

so what can we win, chief?
your very own character bust. WOW, not too fancy, i know, but free art is free art is free art. it is a streamed event so you will get full ownership liberty to watch it being drawn in real time~ this gives you ample opportunity to request corrections, saving us both a load of grief. (if you want to discuss other prize possibilities, that’s always available)

how many winners we talkin?
at present, we will have THREE winners of the bust(s) of their choice. if i gain more followers along the way, i may tack on more winners. c: 

FIRST PRIZE will get the gift of two bust designs.
SECOND AND THIRD? one each, though possible subject to increase.

✺ gotta be following me. this is a giveaway for my followers!
✺ reblogs and likes count. reblog as often as you want. to whoever you want. wherever you want. the only thing i’ll check at the time of prize-announcements is whether you followed rule numero uno.
✺ this is not limited to fantrolls only. got a fancy human you want penciled up? DONE. a creative alien? SURE. some other fanart? WHY NOT. the sky’s the limits. 
✺ all art is in a digital format. them’s the breaks.
✺ winners will have 48 hours to respond. please have your asks boxes open! if you don’t respond to me within that time slot, i will draw another winner.
✺ giveaway ends OCTOBER 1ST. (same day as my other giveaway~)

easy peasy beautiful covergirl. questions? concerns? drop them in the askbox~ <3

toots I am here


Hi! I wanted to try something new with fantrolling, so I’ve decided to make a fleet soldier that actively recruits Alternian children. Please reblog if you’re a fantroll blog so that I may follow you!