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Where do your ideas for characters come from? movies? music? etc

Idk I try not to directly base characters off of stuff or use things as influences. A lot of times I end up getting characters from songs I like, or ideas from a song.

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do you remember the first person you rped with? or who you got to know first?

Chris and Reyah were the first two people I rped w/ first, long before I joined the fantroll community.

Chris is an irl friend who talked me into making my first fantroll, and Reyah I met through him.

I think Dave was the one who made me want to make a fantroll blog since I saw his a lot interacting with some of the canon rp blogs I followed.

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ohmigosh do it do it do it masked chracters so coooool. there so many on my dash right now I’m so happyyyyy

flumps and I did the thing
As I make a million oc’s and only post a few

I mean I have one, like just try to design it a bit differently than regular circular masks? There are thousands of mask designs, I mean look at Heiidd (one of my trolls) he wears a mask, you should just do it. c: Fear will only hold you back.

Yeah, Seb has a very intentionally blank/expressionless mask„,
But he tends to switch up masks w/ moods and events going on„


Quietly posts the doodle of Seb„„and song to go w/ him„,

Oops and the question of how much I can say about him, „

But Unnatural witchchild

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Just do it. You won’t get flack and if you do, fuck them.

I’m just rlly ner vous about those things

I have at least one pic on my phone where you can see my sharknado calender

 I had a picture of just the calender at one point but cleared a lot of the pics on my phone

I want to follow all the fantroll blogs.


I want to follow you, roleplay with you, and squeal over your roleplay/art/headcanons.

like/reblog this so i can love your fantroll.

Finished watching sharknado two

truly a cinematic masterpiece

A class of our generation

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Aw ye sharknado 2 is on


Mushroom boy